Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Ramadan, Khawater 9 and the art of giving.

A couple of years ago I blogged about "khawater" from Japan. This year I got the chance and the pleasure to befriend a sweet Japanese lady who has three sweet and smart kids. She noticed how interested I am in knowing and learning more about the Japanese culture. I found myself one day sharing the idea of the program "khawater" with her. She was impressed and I was kind of ashamed when she started seeing some scenes of the Arab countries in one of the episodes where comparison was taking place. I tried to make her understand that Islam, my religion, is totally supporting good manners and behaviors, it's just us who don't implement the rules in our daily lives.
One day and after I mentioned the program to her she came to me excited to announce she's actually found the Japanese version of "khawater" from Japan.

This Ramadan, "khawater 9" is on YouTube for those who have no tv like us. And again it never fails to inspire me. It lifts up my spirits and teaches me to be more optimistic and trusting into becoming better as a person and as a Muslim.
Speaking of good manners, today we applied a new rule in our house.
We have been getting gifts to Mariyah and Selma on regular basis for memorizing Quran. They're becoming better masha'Allah and so the number of toys -mostly hard plastic animals- is increasing.
A couple of days ago me and jeeej decided to talk to the girls about giving away one of their toys for every new one they get. Once we collect a good number of the given away toys we'll donate them to kids who have no toys.
This way, our girls will learn the meaning of giving and then there's less number of toys to put away at the end of the day.
Today we went to Michael's to get toys and when we came back home with 3 polar bears, my babies were ready to donate 3 of their good in shape toys.

Ramadan Mubarak my loved ones.