Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When Your Kids Stress You Out...Just Laugh or Cry

I'm not a perfect mother who enjoys every second spent with her kids. I have my bad habits that I need to work on.
Bad habits like Stress.

I'm always stressed out. I have this blog to write down my days and then hopefully feel better about myself and my life in general.
I like to write down about the good things I do for myself, for my girls and for my family. It's kind of a way to cheer myself up at the end of a hectic day.

A couple of days ago, I was checking one of my favourite blogs, halistic for Hala, and I was interested in checking the blog she highly recommended; Zenhabits.
Once I read a post there I became addicted. I read many of Leo Babauta's posts in one night and I still am. I just click on a catchy title and then read forever.

His posts taught me to laugh more with my kids when they stress me out. Now instead of trying to make my girls stop crying I make them laugh right away.
I know it's been only a day or two but it's working. I love to see my girls laughing with teary eyes.
I see success!

I couldn't laugh.
I mean, I was laughing really hard inside but I couldn't show it!
This little baby of mine is a big trouble maker.
People believe she is so innocent and cute and lovable and all...
She actually is, along with the adjective: Naughty!

It was OK with me when Jeeej told me he's planning to hang out with his friends tonight, it was OK only after we put the girls to bed.

They are usually asleep by 7 pm, Mariyah in her "big girls" bed and Selma in her crib.
At 7:20 He left.
At 7:30 I started my class on Skype.
At 7:45 I heard my baby running around in her room while Mariyah is still in bed shocked by her little sister's actions.
I stop my class and run to their room, I'm laughing so hard inside but I put on a mad face and ask Selma to stay in her bed and Sleep!
At 7:50 I stop my class again and put the baby back in bed, trying so hard not to show my laugh.
At 7:55 I cut my class and apologize for the inconvenience and I hold my baby in my arms after she fell off of her crib and hurt herself.

You see, I have never had this problem with Mariyah -I'm comparing, again-. Selma has done it once -jumping off her crib- with her big sister's help and that was it. I didn't see this coming at all.

I love how strong and brave she is, I wanted to hug her and tell her how funny it is to see her running around in her room carrying a book while in her pajamas but I just couldn't!
I had to be that stressed out mother who wanted a perfect child during that crazy 30 min.
And I almost cried.