Friday, March 2, 2012

When Multitasking Kills Perfectionism

When I have my day planned ahead I know exactly what I need to do once I wake up, while my baby's napping, before lunch, before heading to classes and right after coming back home.

I never ignore the baby's nap. Actually my whole day is planned around it. whether she sleeps or stays awake in her playpen I call it nap. Today during this sacred hour, from (10-11am) I decided to do it all.

Mariyah's breakfast.
Cook Magloubeh.
Fold 2 loads of laundry and wash the girls' towels.
Prepare snacks for the daycare.
Draw a Zebra, a Horse and make dots for Mariyah to trace and hopefully teach her how to write her name.

Did I do it?
Yes :)

How did it go?
I ate what was left of Mariyah's sandwich.
The burnt cauliflower wasn't good for the magloubeh.
The clothes didn't look perfect in the drawers.
Snacks fresh & colorful :)
The horse didn't look nice but the zebra did. And she didn't learn how to write her name, again.

How did I feel?

What about my Perfectionism?
It never existed ;)