Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jeedo's Guide to Enjoy "Weekly Meals Planning"

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my BFF Rina on Skype. We talked about the girls, the husbands and life in general. When we started talking about being organized, I myself got excited because talking to Rina about this is like going to the best school in Life Organizing.
I mean it!

She shared some priceless tips with me and when she mentioned how helpful it is to plan the week's menu I felt proud! Because when it comes to this, I'm the Best!
Well, Not really...But I'm getting there :)

For almost a year now, Jeeej and I have been careful about the budget we set for grocery shopping. Before that we used to do many mistakes:

- We used to go to Costco
- We never made lists
- We used to go to different  and random stores each week
- We used to go to the store whenever we needed an item during the week
- We used to eat out or take away meals a couple of times during the week.

For some, these points are not mistakes.

For us, they are.

    We are a small family of four, we don't need to buy big amounts of food or cleaning items from Costco, plus we don't have the space at home to use as storage.
    We're totally against wasting food, that's why we only buy what we Need.
    We love to eat healthy.
     I love cooking :)

Now, every Friday I love to see my fridge and freezer empty. Our favourite day for grocery shopping is Saturday. We usually go together but sometimes Jeeej takes the list & does the shopping with Mariyah, trying to teach her on how to pick the right food/amount of food from the right store.

We go to 2 stores only, Trader Joe's and Target. Sometimes we go to the Indian/Middle eastern shop to get items that can't be found else where (Good Yogurt, Lady fingers, Pita bread are good examples).

First we decide on the 5 main meals we are eating during the week. Once we decide we start adding the ingredients of each meal.

Deciding on the five meals takes the most time. Everything else is easy :)
Jeeej makes dinner once a week. He picks either Wednesday or Thursday.
He sometimes fixes a good breakfast during the weekend, we get the ingredients for everything.
I don't cook during the weekend, unless we have visitors.

We love Trader Joe's because of the great & healthy choices they provide for less.
We go to Target to get Mariyah's weekly gift -we decided to start getting something for Selma, next Saturday-, the cleaning items I need for the house -which are a few- and most importantly Diapers for Selma.

This Saturday I made a mistake.
I wrote down that Jeeej is making Salmon this week, but I forgot to add it as an ingredient on the list, that's why I'm not the best, yet!
 Let's see what he'll fix for us tonight, hopefully something as good as the Filet Mignon he made for us last week :)