Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crazy RoutineS

When Mariyah became 7 months old I weaned her at night. I built a fixed schedule for her. It took her 3 days to adjust and life became wonderful :) I mean I slept all night so life became wonderful!

We loved routine.

Our life as a family became more organized. We started going out on dates, me and Jeeej couldn't be any happier.

If we are invited to dinners here, we'd attend after we put her to sleep. We don't mind arriving late and our friends understand the situation.

Even when we travel we do our best in keeping the routine, It's better for her and us.

Nowadays, because she is capable of making her own decisions, she builds a routine herself and follows it for a while until she gets bored of it and then she creates a different one.

The nap time and bed time, both, have the same routine.

- For a while she decided that both Jeeej and I should lay down next to her and sing to her the same songs every single night before we put her in bed.

- For a while she refused to sleep unless she had her three little rubber ducks tucked with her in bed. "baby battah, batta asfar and batta a7mar" = "baby duck, yellow duck and red duck".

- For a while she decided she should be covered by three blankets while in bed. where all her stuffed animals should be arranged in a certain way around her in her crib.

-For a while, she refused to sleep unless we say good night to ALL of her friends in the daycare including the babysitter and her assistant! The funny part was making sure that the last thing we say before she closes her eyes is "Good night baby Mayraaaa" -her best friend from the daycare-.

- These days, she has to be rocked on the rocking chair while covered with her pink blanket. She requests ""sourat Al-Nas, Fairouz's song "Watani" and "I love you" song for Barney"". each one twice. If you try to skip any she would cry until you do as she wants!

These last few moments I spend with her every night before she sleeps are so precious to me. I find myself crying while singing to her. I know soon I will be too busy and tired to do this for her.
Mama suggested Mariyah should start getting used to her tete putting her to sleep following the same rules.

Today, mama took Mariyah and Ward swimming so I could nap. When they came back home Mariyah was too sleepy so Mama got her ready for a nap, not knowing that I could hear them both while laying on my bed in my room. I heard Mariyah through the monitor asking her tete to recite the soura and then sing both songs to her.

Mama's voice is so soft and her songs are always mixed up!
She sang "watani" to Mariyah in the funniest way you could ever imagine! I wish I could see Mariyah's face listening to her! I couldn't stop laughing and I had to hug and kiss mama after she left Mariyah's room!

Thank God for tetes.
Thank God for routineS.
I am too sick these day I can barely breath.
I am 11 days away from my due date.
I need to feel better so I could breath well while in labor.
I have skipped two apointments with my doctor since mama came. We are too busy shopping.
That was a long post, my eyes hurt I should stop staring at the small screen of my new RED laptop.