Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My sister...their mother.

A few days ago, my good friend's aunt passed away. It looks like that aunt is her favorite or maybe her only aunt. I'm not actually sure but what grabbed my attention was the status she posted on her Facebook page. Among many beautiful words shared about the deceased woman, I loved the sentence: "إنما الخالة أم". It was said by our prophet Mohammad SAWS. It means: "an aunt -the mother's sister- is a mother, indeed".

This hadeeth has kept me thinking for days about how true it is. I grew up feeling how close my mom's sisters are to me. How much my mom trusted them in taking care of me and my sisters in the past. Each one of my aunts is so special to me and I love talking to them and their opinions actually matter.
Their caring and love are tremendous, even after all these years they're still the same. Their efforts showed when we all traveled to Istanbul last May. They supported my decision to take Sophia with me to attend my sister's wedding in Turkey and they promised to help me in every way possible. It was one of the best trips ever. My mom was kinda busy with the bride and the groom's family yet my aunts were substituting for her whenever I needed help.

And now that I am a mother and a sister to 3 beautiful women I find myself lucky. These days, Rana my sister is staying with us for a while and trusting her with my girls is beyond imaginable. She's a great mother herself so it's totally natural. Not only that but I also keep reminding my daughters that she's just like their mother. They have to listen to her and respect her the way they respect me. They love her and they're in denial that she is eventually leaving us in a month or so.

When I left Mariyah in Amman behind me for a month, a lot of people were shocked by my decision wondering if I sleep at night being worried about my daughter. She's with her favorite aunt, Mimi, I would say but still they didn't get it. It's funny that at some point me and Mimi shared the same amount of love in Mariyah's heart.

My other sister, Nour, was always there for Mariyah as well, she took her to all the fun places she took her sons to during Summer. The sleepovers at her house were Mariyah's favorite pastime in Amman.

I might not be as good as my sisters when it comes to taking care of kids other than mine but they know for sure that I do my best whenever they need me. Now, that my sister gave birth to a baby girl, i sometimes impress myself by how much I can love/do when I'm asked to.
Baby Juri,
I love you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All About my 3rd Baby.

In a recent post on the blog I mentioned that I feel bad for not recording Sophia's milestones on the blog like I did for her older sisters.

*Until I figure out how to post pictures properly, click on them for better resolution*.

It was my mom who brought that to my attention when I wasn't blogging at all.

With Sophia's older sisters I kept praying day and night they grow up fast so I could sleep better at night and relax more during the day. Little did I know that they grow faster than I actually want.

As for this Sophia, it's like I'm in denial. I see her getting bigger in size but I keep holding her like a newborn, I keep cooing to her and I use baby talk with her like I never did before. She might be my last baby, you know, and it turns out that babies are fun.

Now, i feel bad for never talking about her rolling from one side to the other at 4

Her sleep training at 5 months.

I didn't even record that for the 1st time, a baby of mine says the word Mama before the word Baba and at the age of 5 months as well! Well, now she says both words :)

I didn't talk about her love to the Baby Led Weaning process.

No more ignoring.
She is learning to sit up straight for longer than 30 second these days.

She cries when her loved ones leave the room she's in.

She laughs when she sees us come into her room when she wakes up.

The biggest news that I can't skip is her first tooth at 6 months!
The lower right tooth. I discovered it 2 days ago and I love feeling it with my fingers all day long.

Sophia, one tooth or 10, you'll always be my baby that I thank Allah swt every day for, and it's never enough :)
الحمد لله عدد ما كان و عدد ما يكون و عدد الحركات و السكون.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today, I'm the worst mom.

Last week, on Tuesday night, I made a deal with both my daughters, Mariyah and Selma to pick out an outfit for each and every day of school the night before. Mariyah delightfully did it right away for the next day and Selma copied her. She thought that if she did it, she'll go to school too. Poor thing, she didn't know her school starts one week later, or that's what I thought.

Yesterday, all day long I was preparing Selma, mentally, that school starts tomorrow -today-. She was super excited she couldn't stop talking about it. Today from the early beginning all she wanted to talk about was her school, how much she loves it and how much she misses all her friends. She even asked me to let the teacher know that her new name is Elsa. She got dressed and I packed her favorite snack, i took a picture of her and we headed to her school only to find out it's not open yet! School starts on Thursday...

I messed up, big time. The way she hugged my leg when she heard the news, the look in her eyes...I almost cried. I hated myself for being a bad mother. How could I get Tuesday and Thursday mixed up? She didn't want to go back home. She wanted to stay out and I had to obey. How could I not?

I let my girls down, a lot. I mean, not a lot, but you know...that's how I feel.
I forget to get what they ask for from the grocery store. I forget to pack their pajamas when we spend the night away from home. I simply don't brush their hair when I don't feel like it. I skip the bath at night after a long day at the park and end up washing the sheets the next morning.

But the best part about being a mother who makes a lot of mistakes is having kids who are forgiving. Kids are so kind. They love their parents no matter what. Right?
I earn "the worst mother of the week award" twice a month perhaps but I win my girls' heart for a lifetime with every apology that follows.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Think Writing Helps.

This picture was taken today by my husband. It was my sister's idea to have my babies lay down on the hay for this particular picture.
We still go out and about on weekends.
Mariyah's school has started.

Selma believes she has a Blueberry Power.

Sophia is almost 6 months old.

We are back from Amman.
My sister is visiting.
I'm still a stay at home mom.

You see, a lot of things happened since last time I blogged but I'm not documenting any, I'm not blogging. It's not that I don't have time, I do. I actually have a lot of free time on my hands during the day and especially at night but I think that Instagram is more convenient than blogging and at night I just feel too lazy to blog. Yes, laziness. That's what it is.

Something else. A couple of my friends who follow me on Facebook, Instagram and follow this blog have made it clear on several occasions that it annoys them how open and active I am when it comes to social media. I know their opinions shouldn't affect my passion but who am I kidding? They did discourage me. I still receive messages from others though letting me know that I have inspired them in a way or another by blogging. These messages are becoming less and less due to not being a consistent blogger.

I feel bad for not documenting Sophia's milestones here as well. I wonder if her sisters will ever appreciate what I have written about them in the past but as for me, I never regretted any post I've ever published and I still go back to read my posts/diaries.

I love writing.
I should write more often.
I become a better mother when I write.
It makes me happy.
My husband and my mom keep wondering why I've stopped. They don't want me to stop.
They're the most important people in my life and so their opinion matters. Doesn't it?

Today we took a long trip to Watsonville where we picked berries and apples.

The girls were too loud in the car. Lots of laughter and lots of whining too. But guess what, for the first time in a year or so we didn't have the iPad in the car as a source of entertainment. We've been using it for long trips to avoid the most annoying question "Are We There Yet?". I can't deny the iPad's magic, it was incredible. But after today's trip, I decided: No more.
It was loud like I said but more fun. I got the chance to talk to each one of them separately and it hit me. Time flies and they grow up really fast. I started comparing between them when they were still babies. How each one acted during a road trip. I want to always remember that Sophia is such a sweetheart. She's always happy in the car, she just cries when she's hungry or sleepy but other than that she's as content as can be, mashaAllah.

I wanted to blog several times the last two months but what made me do it today was the text message I received from Amnah of little life of mine, informing me that she posted a picture of both our babies, Sophia and Amani on her Disney Baby blog. She left a link to my blog in her post so I decided to blog right away. Amnah is such an inspiration!

And to those who are annoyed by my too many posts and pictures here and there I say: Haters gonna hate.